Where to find my poems

Recent Publications—Where to Find My Poems Online (note: most recent posts are in beautiful Red Violet.)

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My poem, “The Story of the Milkman” seems to have “legs.” It was written in 2011, not published till 2015, and did not become interesting till lately!  See the April 16, 2017, New York Times article on the poem, and me, and the Lucivero family. (Or you can right click on the handsome photo and open the link in a new tab.) Thanks to Corey Kilgannon for doing such a good job with the somewhat complex story. 

If you’re a glutton for punishment, you can hear an interview with me on the WBAI program Talk Back New York–Me and Thee Edition from April 19, 2017.  I’m discussing the poem with hosts Corey Kilgannon and Malachy McCourt.  My part begins right around the 30:00 mark.  

If you’d like to read the entire poem, it’s here on Silver Birch Press, published as part of their series, “Me, as a Child.”  Thanks to publisher Melanie Villanes for giving it its first chance!

If you’re interested in seeing my own version of the story called The Story of “The Story of the Milkman,” you can read it in April’s Verse-Virtual.  

As a Contributing Editor of Verse Virtual, an Online Community Journal of Poetry, my poems appear each month in that fine journal.  Here’s my contribution for December, 2017:  first, a poem from my youth, The History of the Postal Service, then an ekphrastic poem called Sweet Slumber. This was a poem written in response to a watercolor by my friend and web-guru, Tim Savage.  (This poem and picture appeared earlier in The Ekphrastic Review.  See below.)  Check the V-V Archives page for more by me. I’ve been happily contributing to Verse-Virtual since October, 2015, thanks to the largesse of my friend and publisher, Firestone Feinberg.

Thanks to Lorette C. Luzajic the publisher of The Ekphrastic Review for also publishing my poem, Pieta of the Mayans.  It’s a very sad poem, but I’m happy to get it out of my system, and I’m very happy to have found a publisher for it.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have poems selected for publication in Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, the fine site published by Christine Klocek-Lim.  Please take a look at Moving Day which appeared in August 2017 and Hurricane Irene which appeared in September. I’m please and proud that Moving Day has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.  

The New Verse News, edited by the intrepid James Penha, publishes all the news in poetry form that fits.  In the past few months, my poems Guys like us , Christmas Past with the Trumps, Against the Need to Write Poems in the Age of Trump, and Don’t Get Sick in America have appeared in the News.  My latest attempt to grapple with the headlines on NVN are my poems, Lordy, I Hope There Are Tapes, For Rosh Hashanah,which is about my late father-in-law, Victor (Zeke) Zonana, and now Role Models, which recalls the day JFK was assassinated.  

In addition to The Story of the Milkman, Silver Birch Press from California has been kind enough to publish many of my poems during the last few years.  Here’s the place where you can find them all, including my latest Button Trends—Summer, 1959

My poem Travels with My Mother  appears in issue # 13 of East Coast Ink.  The theme of the issue is Restraint and I don’t know if I used any when writing this poem many years ago.  Thanks to editor/publisher Jacqueline Frasca for giving me the opportunity.  

I’m happy to have my poem “Video Postcard from Vietnam” included in Perfume River Poetry Review’s 5th Anniversary Edition, Vietnam Forever. This is a double issue celebrating the people and history of Vietnam. Congratulations to publisher and editor Vuong Vu on this achievement. Pdf s of the double issue can be found on the Perfume River site. https://touranepoetrypress.wordpress.com/about-4/ My poem can be found on p. 31 of the second volume, https://touranepoetrypress.files.wordpress.com/…/perfume-ri…

Thanks to the editors of Claudius Speaks, a very handsome online publication, for including my poem Learning to Fly in their “Flight” issue. This was written in the early to mid-1980s I was teaching a high school Creative Writing workshop, but my students didn’t take kindly to hearing anything but praise for their work. Since they wouldn’t hear me about what a workshop was for, this poem was an attempt to get the message through to them in a slightly different way.

The fine online publication, The Moon Magazine, has published a few of mine.  As would not be surprising, The Moon is a monthly.  In October’s issue dedicated to Shamanism: Make it Rain, you’ll find my poem A Kind Breeze.  You’ll see I don’t know much about Shamans and what they do or don’t do, but I’m pleased to have my poem in The Moon.

Zvi A. Sesling, editor and publisher of Muddy River Poetry Review, includes my poem The Dark in the fall issue of this fine online magazine.  

I’m happy to appear in Poets Reading the News, edited and published by Elle Aviv Newton and Jenna Spagnolo,  for the first time with my poem, “What’s Wrong with This Picture?”